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Classification: NA
Genre: Comedy / Drama General
Release Date: 13 Feb 2014
Distributor: Tgv Cast: Ghafir Akbar, Dawn Cheong, Bernie Chan Director: Khairil M. Bahar, Lim Benji, Manesh Nesaratnam, Shamaine Othman, Tony Pietra
Format: 2D

With meddlesome friends, insane in-laws, a suspicious step-brother and unresolved ex-girlfriend issues, it's no wonder Adam is having second thoughts about his marriage to Brenda. Taking place mere moments before the 'akad nikah' (solemnization ceremony), "Cuak" is the story of a young man's wedding jitters, uniquely told through the eyes of five different directors who each take one of the issues plaguing our groom-to-be, combining together to make one movie.

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